Sunday, May 8, 2011

No really the best thing about this day is that I GET ASKED to go to comic stores and draw. This means there's no overhead, so I can give things away for free, which means I don't need to stress about getting or not getting commissions, which makes the whole thing much more fun :)
(not that conventions are not fun, but there's always the stress of making enough to profit to get the next table)

Anyway, Boomerang is my local store and I'm always happy to help Neil out and he as great great clients who are fun and dress up. Sadly, I only got one photo of a costume.


I was outside though, and it was windy, so I couldn't get any photo of any artwork, which was sad because I did the BEST Superboy EVER!!!!! I was so proud.

The only one I got was this Tor I drew during some downtime. This was AFTER I did several Dragonball Z sketches. Can you tell?

I did get some scans of the art I did at Lonestar, which was also very fun, and I got to talk to lots of cute kids and found a fellow Usagi Yojimbo fan as well as an old costumer from my Dad's store!

Anyway, here are the sketch I thought to take photos of (all two of like twelve, go me)

Sadly, the guy who commissioned this never returned, but no loss. I'm sure he'll sell at a con! And I need to start working on con bookmarks anyway :)

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