Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dallas Comic Con

Ok, so it's been a year but why not try this again:

Oh wow, ok so the Dallas Comic Con was a whirlwind of activity. For the first time EVER, in three + years of doing these (lord has it been that long 0.0) I filled up my commission spots. I had so many requests, I had to close commissions off probably two hours before the convention closed!

It was just... wow. So hard, but so fun. And let me tell you, so many adorable kids who wanted to be Captain America.

I also got to do the a fun groups Avengers, met a mother and daughter team who love The Wasp as much as I do, got to chat about the Avenger movie soooo much, and met a Rocketeer (but couldn't sell my bookmark to him XD). Oh and the Loki fans were all out in force. I had to print THREE pages of Loki stickers, but far the most of any one character I've ever needed. Thor sold well too (what was funny btw, is neither sold last year, right after the Thor movie). One of the most flattering moments was when my Batman print was bought to be signed by Kevin Conroy. How cool is that!! I was very honored.

I also got to talk with Brian Stelfreeze, who is just such a nice man. He doesn't always have time for a lot of talk (and boy do I understand that!), but when he does, it's always a wonderful talk! I also had a great chat with Mitch and Betty Breitweiser. They are so nice, and it was just great getting to talk with artists I admire so much. I also got to say hello to Doug Sneyd and buy a sketchbook from him (the only one I saw!! artists, why so few sketchbooks?). His art is so classy and Sexy!

And added bonus, the Mutant a Day group stopped by! They're such a great group and awesome interviewers. I may be a little biased 'cause they interviewed me last year ;), but I think I'm fair in saying they are an awesome group and one the to top podcasts I listen too!

The after show I picked up a print from Arthur Suydam. It's a present for my husband :P

I also bought, from David Spurlock , an AMAZING Print of the Frank Frazeta art for the Original Battlestar Galatica. I can't even say how awesome it is. It's just sklfhsdlfhlsdjfhs that exactly LOL

So anyway, amazing convention. My only regret is, due to my own poor planning, I didn't have time to get art from George Perez, so I can only hope he comes back to Dallas soon!! Well Also I dind't get anythign from Mitch Breitwieser either, but he may just do a sketch of Toro and post online, which honestly would pretty much make me just as happy XD But I do plan to again, try harder for sketches next time. But with the cons this buys, it'll take more planning on my part.

And finally, some photos. Didn't get many, but did get some nice ones.

Two of my faveorite bookmarks that I didn't get a chance to scan. They were the first to sell and the buyer kindly let me photograph them.
Look at this Hawkeye!! Isn't she fierce!
And OMG!!! USAGI YOJIMBO COSPLAY!! This lovely lady is dressed as Tomoe Ame. One of the toughest woman in all of comicdom!
(These two ladies were posing for their commission XD)

And finally me and my loyal Both Buddy (with the tattoos), AKA My Brain. Really, I could not do ANY of this without her :)

And that's it! looking forward to doing this again next year and I hope to see some of y'all again at Fan Days this October!

PS: If you took any photos of me, can you link me up? Thanks!!

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