Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo

So, I spent yesterday working at the Dallas Sci-Fi expo, running th art table with the help of Chrissy and Shaina.

Per usual it was great fun! Busy though; however, busy is good! I did a few original books marks (Hetalia and Buffy) sold several and did what is IMHO a fantastic sketch portrait, among other art stuff.

I also managed to get up and speak with the artists. Slowly I'm getting better at managing my times so I don't miss everything. I'm horrific with names, so I'm gonna gab some business cards today so I can be sure to mention these great artists.

I also spoke with author Paul Black, writer of The Tels series, which look like a fantastic book. He is a smart, nice fellow and I enjoyed talking with him and being his table neighbor.

My other table neighbor, interesting enough, was con speaker Daryl Frazetti, who was absolutely fascinating and we had some very interesting conversations about Woman in Science Fiction and the contribution these character have had to the woman's movements in western culture. We also discusses why woman like anime so much despite the often very misogynistic attitudes in some series with a con goer.

I'm actually a little honored,he skipped Katee and Tracie's talks to talk with us about woman characters and woman fans!

So yes ltos and lots of fun and this time I remembered to eat! I packed sandwiches and apples and water.

And now, the bookmarks finished Friday night for this con (technically I'm working on two more Xena and The Beatles, but I don't think they'll be done).

That's it for now, hopefully photos and more tonight!

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