Monday, January 31, 2011

Con Report II

Welp, it's Monday, officially the day after the con, and no, I didn't get up in time to exercise this morning. =P I think the two are related!

The Sundays are always slower than Saturdays, also shorter, closing at 4 rather than 6. However still always fun.

Slow means I can get a chance to meet other artists, or talk longer with ones I met Saturday. It also means I don't go nuts.

I did a few more bookmarks, and a portrait of a little girl as a princess, which was fun. I also did a very very teeny tiny Wonder woman for a small girl for 25 cents, and a Namor vs Human Torch and Toro Copic Marker sketch in someone's sketch book (for 10 dollars, and sadly, no there is no picture of this one).

My art is in the same space as Ben Dunn's and Brain Dehnam's and other comics artists (he only mentioned those but it's his con sketch book). That was a big ego boost, having someone value my art like that. And you know, as much as I try to be self-affirming, sometimes that little outside affirmation just rocks, you know?

Anyway artists at this con whom you should check out:

Miguel Aguilar
He's got a fantastic black and white style that shows a real mastery of pen and ink and tecniquest like stippling.
His art tends toward the grotesques that you'd see in old fanzines so it's not for the fainthearted; however, I loved the style and the imagery.
He's also self published and offered some great advice on that as well as printing.

Jason Chalker
I talked with his wife more than him, as he was up; however, his art is great pulp cover style takes on current pop culture icons. The covers go from witty to just laugh out loud funny and I had a great time seeing his work.

Russel Walks
This man's art blew me away. Hand down my favorite artist an the convention. He was great to talk to, and shared how he created some images. He ranges from fantastic portraits to interesting and funny graphic images.

So yes, those were the main artists I chatted with, all great people and great artists, so check out their stuff (note I didn't get a chance to visit the websites so ummm right, can't say what is or is not on there).

That was pretty much may day. I was invited to a on in April in Louisiana, and may go to it. It depends how the cards fall as I'd need a hotel for two nights.

Anyway, I'll have one last report with some pictures and then: start planning for May!! I want better displays, maybe a banner, and I REALLY need new art offerings and better prints.

Better prints especially. And larger.
I am not usually drawn to large prints but I seem to be the exception not the rule ^^ Oh and do more chibi comics. Maybe get them they're own blog!

And as usually, thanks to Elly and Kiji for helping me man the table, and extra thanks to Elly for creating a spreadsheet to track the finances and handling the accounting and making sure I had a table in May!

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