Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Con Report III: Photos!

I thought I'd just share some photos of the con.... the few I have. I don't get up from the table much and when I did, I didn't think to take photos ^^
On e of the con portraits I did. 9 X 12, watercolor sketch.
This mans custome was FANTASTIC. Just mind blowing. And I want to thank him for his permission to post this.
It's not often I get permission to post the portraits!

Two Hetalia bookmarks, Hungry, and then Denmark and Russia

Me at the table painting BEHOLD the Ghostbusters sheet. Sadly, This is it's last con.
 We''ve all decided it's cute, but too busy. 

The extra table Paul Black allowed me and another artist to split on Sunday.
He was a Saturday only guest.
And my table again. You can see Kiji there, in her Castiel garb. Elly is Camara shy.

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