Saturday, January 15, 2011

Early Design Work

So I got it in my head to do some Steampunk art. First because it is fun, but second because yes, I think being familiar with Steampunk is going to be important for the old convention table.

My firs victims, to make it totally fun for me, are Marvel's Invaders.
You know Cap, Torch, Namor, Bucky and Toro.

I've got some concept doodles, thought I'd share, mainly of Bucky and Toro, who are, by far, my favorite Invaders.

Here we have Bucky Barnes. I think a more western look works a bit better for him. I don't know, I just don't see him rocking the Victorian gentleman look. Also, you've got some bits of Jim Hammond, who I'm opting to make something betweena  totally human looking android and a Steampunk style robot (which tend not to look human at all). There's a small chance I my just go totally Steampunk on him, but I think looking human is important to his characte.r 

And two concept sketches of Toro (far left and far right), and earlier sketch of Bucky, and prelim stuff for Cap. Toro I was trying to work out where his flame powers would come from. If he'd have android parts or if it would be some sort of machine thingy. Don't know yet but I like the right design waaaay better than the left!

So there we go, artists amusing herself. :)

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