Sunday, June 3, 2012

Working Station

So here is my set up. I'm so professional, working on the floor like that. What you see here is the Work In Progress station of an acrylic painting.
This was a more abstract style work called "Hope." My first attempt is there on the right. I had minor issues with it, but kept working on it, as with these sorts of pictures, I can get some very happy surprises from things I thought were damaged. However, in this case, it tore, which prompted me to start over, on the sheet you see on the left.
And here we have the sparkly new painting. Still Work In Progress, and going much better. It's not at all unusual for these to take two or more tries. The first attempt btw, was cropped (to get rid of the torn areas) then re-worked, and became a second painting I called "Sacrifice." I'm pretty happy with them both. Now I'm working on scanning these two in pieces to put online. Won't be done today as I have other things to get done.

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