Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sketches and Anatomy Studies

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone. Today was the day after a convention and what I learned getting ready for the convention was that I've let my art get CRAZY unorganized. I couldn't find pictures, I couldn't find sketches I meant to finish or turn into paintings. Essentially order was needed. So today, I sorted my art out and feel better. In dong so, I found some fun sketches I thought I'd post here.
Some imps. These were sketched for a sick friend, hence the soup comment. He didn't like soup so wouldn't eat any, despite you know, soup curing everything LOL
Some of my widgets drawn with ball point pen, which most likely means done at work sometimes. Not sure when though. I like this long legged look though. Lately I've been drawing these guys without lets.
And some more Widgets, this time with sharpie. Widgets and an Imp.

And here are some anatomy studies I changed into superheroes, because that makes it more fun, right :)

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